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  • Espresso: Describe your usual morning routine.

Chhhh I wake up early, go back to sleep, get up late, usually have an espresso (maybe two, three, a hundred) while looking at birds out the window with my cat (actually he sees the birds and I’m usually wondering where my glasses are)

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Andrew Luyten
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Send me a cup of coffee.
  • Espresso: Describe your usual morning routine.
  • Decaf: Impersonate one of your friends.
  • Macchiato: Name two things you think go well together and why.
  • Latte: List three aspects of your personality that you love.
  • Flat White: Confess the most recent crime you committed.
  • Iced: Make the weirdest face you can.
  • Cappuccino: Describe your ideal wedding.
  • Drip: Post a photo of a stuffed animal you own.
  • Mocha: Name one of your guilty pleasures.
  • Doppio: List two of your dream travel locations and why.
  • Black: Recall the worst insult you've ever received.
  • Americano: Post a photo of your favorite outfit.
  • Kopi: Describe an incident when you tried something new.

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