ok but reading this blog makes me SO MAD AND SCARED AND UGH

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Florence, Italy x
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I’m a spectator in my own life

that’s just the way I survive

maybe it’s not long term, long term, long term

but it’s been this way since ‘05,

since my grandmother told me good-bye

and she moved hours, and hours, and hours


I can feel you psychoanalyzing me

caught it a bit too slowly,

caught in a therapeutic state again

It’s weird to talk about myself,

didn’t know there was so much to be said

What was once an ear is now a mouth, babbling

over and over and over

I’m not used to being advised like this

I’m a bit too stubborn to take advice from you

if I can’t figure it out myself

then I might as well not stick around

They say they’re up for social justice

I call bullshit, bullshit

but wouldn’t voice it,

would be accused of having privilege

I’ll stick to my feminism,

nihilism, I’m convinced nothing’s made of this,

everyone’s so serious

matter doesn’t seem to matter

when night falls and love ceases to exist

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