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you are a rare flower...

No I am a well done flower

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WHY HAVEN'T YOU KISSED A GIRL they are wondrous creatures, and I would know because I am a girl

I KNOW IM SORRY I LOVE GIRLS but im shy and awkward and have only had one girlfriend and things didnt work out and now im with an amazing guy who is worth more to me than the lovely lips of girlsies

I think you're a lil cutie pie.

and then jade was finally able to power up the defense she had been saving 


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What is your definition of sex? Or what is it that you have done?

uhnnn when someone just says “sex” I generally assume they’re talking about straight peen-in-vageen (*insert pubescent boy laughter*) sex. So if that’s what we’re talking about then no, I have not had sex.

why does Jade write about herself in the 3rd person? Doesn't she think that's weird or even just a little pretentious?

Jade is a strange and socially anxious individual who has a fear of stating anything (especially her wants and opinions) in “her own words”. Her unachievable goal in life is to not have anyone dislike her, so she strays from using personal pronouns as much as possible. She believes that this, for whatever reason, might make it harder for her to hate herself if anything bad were to come of something she had said. She hides behind the third person because she is cowardly and wants to live a life separated from any responsibility that she might muster. She also has a hard time explaining things. Butts, butts. Cats and butts. 

Weird is not bad so maybe you should go rethink your life a little.

But Jade accepts that everybody is different so if you are really stuck on thinking weird is negative then that is okay.

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